Analytics Intelligence

People Analytics

The solution consists in identifying the employees profile classified as “good” for the business environment, based on indicators of success, for example, employees with low turn over, absenteeism, high productivity and etc., assisting in the recruitment and selection process – See more

Enterprise Twin Connection

The purpose solution is to identify the appropriate operator profile for the type of service. Establishing the connection between savvy operator to address certain issues is crucial to improving business results and customer perceived value – See more

Behavior Customer Churn

Knowing the journey and behaviors clients demonstrates throughout the experience of using the goods (bens e services) and services to the point of cancellation, allows to establish retention strategies that preserve or even increase the billing. The solution has the purpose to obtaining the clients churn degree (cancellation), allowing the creation of strategies to improve business. – See more

Outbound Strategic Dialer

Outbound Strategic Dialer consists in using customer information that is available in Billing Mailings for best Effective Contact (CPC) and Recovery results – See more