Candidate Journey Management 

The GAUSS candidates management and selection platform was designed to streamline the recruitment process in the Call Center environment. In this context, the plataform acts as a tool that automates the steps of the selection process, making the dynamics of the RH sectors easier, more agile and integrated. See the steps of the candidate’s journey in the diagram below:

People Analytics

Nexus Advanced Analytics in partnership with Sercom Contact Center was the winner of the XVIII ABT 2018 Award – with the People Analytics Case in the category: Innovation in Processes – Outsourcing (Management).

Know the service below:

Hiring and selection people is one of the most important steps in the process of productive performance integrated with the company results . Hiring an employee who is missing, arrives late, does not produce and serves poorly his client brings negative impacts to the company and high costs with recruitment, selection, hiring and training. A research conducted by CareerBuilder with more than 6,000 HR professionals interviewed around the world, shows that Brazil leads the ranking with 87% of employers reporting they have had problems with incorrect hirings. The People Analytics solution will help your business minimize this problem as you look at the reasons for incorrect hirings reported by employers:

Among the impacts of incorrect contracting, Brazil stands out:

In this context, how to select and hire the right candidate for the company while minimizing the costs of Recruitment, Training, Layoffs and increasing Productivity? 

Nexus Advanced Analytics has developed the People Analytics solution that aims to properly select candidates to minimize these costs through a methodology that evaluates the history employees history who have passed the company and was classified as “bad” or “good” employees.

This classification is based on business indicators such as Retention, FCR, Promises of Payment, Sales and etc., as well as based on indicators of operational performance such as Absenteeism, Scale Compliance, Productivity and so on. Through Artificial Intelligence is found the appropriate profile that maximizes the business results, as demonstrated in the following diagram:


    • Agility and targeting in the Selection Process, choosing the candidates with greater chance of being “Good” employees, significantly reducing the time to filter candidates;
    • Costs Reduction with the Selection, Hiring and Training processes;
    • Adequate engagement of the candidate’s profile with the requirements of the business service;
  • Opportunity with Reduced Absenteeism, Turnover and Increased adherence to scales and productivity.

How to get the service?

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