What we do

Nexus Advanced Analytics is a company established with the purpose to offer a different markets solutions through Analytics Intelligence services:

  • Planning as a Service: Planning and Control solutions that include  create consultancies to organize and review a planning area methodology work in Call Center.  Service Definition levels aligned with client’s patience and allocation of professional experts to perform forecast, scale, and control activities for the Inbound, Outbound and Digital channels.
  • Analytics Intelligence: Advanced analytical data solutions based on artificial intelligence elements, machine learning and text mining applied to the universe of structured and unstructured data.
  • Training: Professional planning training to managers and call center analysts and statistical training to professionals who would like to join the universe of Big Data, immersing in data analysis techniques for Data Scientist formation.

Our mission is to help companies to extract value from the information available inside their environments and empower their employees in advanced analytical techniques.

Why choose us?

We are a company who has the knowledge and methodological, procedural and data analysis experience from the statistical perspective to transform data into insights that contribute to effective results for clients.