Enterprise Twin Connection – ETC

The Enterprise Twin Connection Solution was developed to improve human interactions between service providers and customers, because the essence of service provided by Call Center companies depends on this interaction. A bad conducted interaction affects the client’s journey in contact with the brand intermediated by a third party.

Have you ever wondered if you have service operators working in a back-to-back operation when they should be in a Sales operation? 

And what if you have good sellers working on a retention calls when they should be working in Sales area?

These issues are fundamental to understand a context  which sales improvement , Payment Promises , Customer Retention and etc. indicators depend on the correct knowledge of the service operators profile for allocation to the type of connection.

So, get to know the solution that will help your company to reorganize the service profiles, whose goal is to promote the improvement in service interaction. Our solution uses artificial intelligence to optimize this interaction, through the steps shown in the following diagram:




Benefits of Twin Connection Customer Operator Solution

  • Adequate allocation type of attendance with the operator profile;
  • Increased channel objectives, maximizing revenues and minimizing costs;
  • Improved employee satisfaction by working in their roles that they best perform.

How to get the service?

Let your contatct with us that we will return with agenda options to go to your company and present the service.