Planning and Control Consulting:

The Planning and Control Call Center consultancy was developed over the years working on the Call Center market, focusing on processes organization and methodology of the Planning and Control area, focused on business management and extraction qualitative and quantitative results considering all the service channels, being operationalized through the following steps:

1 – Processes Mapping and Rules: Understanding the Environment through question form and interviews with key users of Planning, RH and Operation;

  • Mapping architecture traffic operations and their operating rules;
  • Mapping contractual rules and adherence analysis of the prices practiced against the obtained results;
  • Forecast, Scaling, Scale and Control Process;
  • Knowledge rating, capacity and sizing of the planning team;
  • Staff roles and responsibilities of the team;
  • PMO activities and communication process with the internal areas;
  • Maturity Degree Mapping of Planning and Control based on the market process ideal ;
  • Work Homologation rules practiced by company against labor rules;

2 – Opportunities Identification for improvement: List of Improvement Opportunities identified in the mapping, with implementation effort and estimated results with valuation in the financial and qualitative view;

  • Evaluate current processes and identify opportunities for improvement;
  • Organization analysis of the planning team;
  • Propose improvements in the current processes to increase the quality of services;
  • Identified Valuation opportunities indicating the complexity and priority of implementation;

3 – Redesign processes and rules:  Information transform into activity flow between the areas involved in the process with documentation in BPMN and disclosure in Hot Site, Intranet etc;

  • Processes Redesign based on opportunities for improvement;
  • P & C Documentation processes in Flow Chart following BPMN methodology;
  • Homologation of processes and rules
  • Implement Processes in Hotsite, Intranet etc.

4 – Improvement Implementation Opportunities: All identified opportunities will be implemented with the project treatment focusing on deployment prioritization complexity x financial earning potential;

5 – Processes Follow-up Implemented: Post-implantation follow-up to verify the deployed processes to check consistency and progress.

6 – Results Calculation: At this moment the calculation of the quantitative and qualitative gains of the project is carried out;

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