Fundamentals of Data Science with 

In the Big Data universe, knowledge of statistical techniques and programming is essential because they are the basis for the Data Scientist formation, in a context where transforming data into insights is the most valuable in companies for extracting quantitative and qualitative value. The Data Science Fundamentals training with  R has with goal to teach in a direct and practical way trainees in statistical techniques and programming with R through 5 modules that are taught during 5 consecutive days in 40 hours:

R is a statistical and open source solution that was created in 1993 by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman, and is licensed by the GNU – GPL (General Public License) with collaborative development by thousands of users around the world. For these characteristics, R now has more than 10,000 available libraries containing the most diverse data analysis techniques and is widely used by Data Scientists.


What you will learn in this training:

  • You will learn the basic and intermediate level of statistics
  • Intermediate programming concepts with R
  • Interpretation of data using the exploratory data analysis technique
  • Predictive modeling in the business environment

Next Class:

  • Sign up through the contact form that we will inform the investment and payment facilities. Courses can be taught in-company or in external classes with at least 10 participants. In case the class does not meet the minimum, the training date will be changed until the class reaches the minimum of participants.