Service Level Definition Consulting

Have you ever wondered how  your call center service level operations was defined? Also, does the service wait  level used to determine the number of operators is in line with the calling time client is willing to wait?

These questions are very common in call center market, but companies continue to practice waiting times as a goal to determine the number call operators that are not aligned with the customer’s downtime.

If a customer is willing to wait 3 minutes in the queue to give up, and the operations are scaled to meet within 20 seconds, make sure that you are delivering a quality service in the waiting perspective that the customer does not always value. This difference in waiting time may be worth a lot in other operational actions than over-dimensioning the service operators number.

In this context, Nexus Advanced Analytics has created a consulting for defining and reorganizing Service Levels based on Customer’s Patience waiting to be serviced, whose methodology for estimating customer’s patience time is developed from two perspectives:

1 – Use of statistical models with probabilistic approach;

2 – Estimate and integration of statistical results with business indicators, with client as the central focus analysis. In this step, the relation between the waiting time with Recall, Reconstruction, Churn Degree, Customer Satisfaction Degree, Life Time Value and other typical environment dimensions is evaluated.


Benefits Obtained with Service Level Review

  • There was around 20% reduction in the call cost.
  • It was possible to adjust the contractual level service without counterpart to the Customer;
  • Argument for contract renegotiation and correction adjustments;
  • Resolution has much more significant weight in Customer satisfaction;
  • Customers are willing to wait to a certain extent, the key is to understand how much! There is no ‘recipe’ ready – use NS bechmark.

How to get the service?

Let your contact with us that we will return with agenda options to go to your company and present the service.