Specialized Planning and Control Service

The Specialized Call Center Planning and Control Service consists in allocation and outsourcing Nexus Advanced Analytics professionals specializing in the Forecasting, Scaling, Scaling and Control processes for Inbound, Outbound and Digital channels. Our specialists have consolidated knowledge in the area techniques, standing out by the accomplishment of the following services:

  • Services in-company or home office, with specialized team to perform the activities;
  • Planning phase guided by the use of time series forecasting techniques and relational modeling;
  • Dimensioning based on mathematical optimization algorithms and multiple variables, minimizing operational costs (HC and PA’s);
  • Optimized work scales, respecting labor rules governed by current regulations;
  • Historical and real-time control process guided by Balanced Score Card and cause and effect diagram.
  • Preparation of the budget process integrated to the operational planning, using simulation techniques – Monte Carlo

Macro process applied to the receptive environment:

Macro process applied to active environment:

For the active environment, we have a methodology developed to deal with the whole process in dialers with Analytics Intelligence techniques application (application of data analysis techniques) allowing to extract insights from mailing data that increase the dialing performance strategies and balance of operational costs.

How to get the service?

Let your contact with us that we will return with agenda options to go to your company and present the service.