Behavior Customer Churn – BCC

The Behavior Customer Churn solution acts in the context where losing customer is a situation that should be avoided to the maximum as it directly affects billing and the consequences require decisions to revise structures to balance costs. In the Telecom, Insurance, Financial and other markets, the customer is classified as Churn when he ceases to use the goods and services he hires from the companies. There are two types of Churn:

  • Churn volunteer: When voluntarily the client gives up the contract of the product or service used;
  • Involuntary Churn: When the company for specific reasons decides to interrupt the supply of products and services to the client;

 What is the stage in wich your customers are indicating a possible Churn?

This is a problem that is not always followed with proficiency by the companies, and for that reason, knowing the journey and behavior that the client demonstrates throughout the experience of using the goods and services until the point of cancellation, allows to establish strategies of retention that preserve or even increase billing.

In this context the Behavior Customer Churn solution has with goal increase customer retention (avoiding cancellation) by interpreting the data volume into a language that can be understood and deployed as strategies. Check out an example of an artificial intelligence application in the pay-TV market, highlighting the variables represented by characteristics that affect the Churn degree of the client:

 Behavior Customer Churn Solution Benefits

The BCC solution will inform the Churn clients each grades, allowing the development by following strategies:

  • Use  Churn degree in the Call Center (in all channels) to direct the retention performance;
  • Churn Combination grade with the segmentation of customer value (customers with higher Churn and high revenue);
  • Customers identification with low, medium and high propensity to Churn, establishing follow-up and actions;
  • Performance Definition  strategy for each of the Churn grades through a retention policy.

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